C.A.R.E - Campus Assessment Response and Evaluation

The CARE team is a team of interdepartmental professionals responsible for identifying, assessing and responding to students of concern and/or at risk. The team responds to non-emergency situations involving at risk students and works to connect them to essential support services on and/or off campus. The CARE team serves as a resource to the campus community by providing assistance and referral for students in need of support.

For more information about the CARE Team and/or to refer a student of concern, visit the CARE site.

Counseling Services

Location:   John H. Chafee Center
located across the street from the Unistructure and Koffler
Phone:      401-232-6045
Email:        bcs@bryant.edu, or stop by in person
Website:   Counseling Services

College students experience great challenges and adjustments in both their academic and personal lives. Many new and important decisions are made during these years. Change is constant, and stress often accompanies these new experiences.

The Office of Counseling Services provides a private and confidential setting for students to discuss these multifaceted changes, cope with their challenges and make thoughtful decisions. Counseling services are free for Bryant students. Students who are experiencing serious emotional difficulties, or who require specialized or longer-term treatment, can receive referrals to professional services off campus. The staff adhere to state and federal laws regarding confidentiality and privacy; counseling records are not part of the academic record. The Office of Counseling Services also offers wellness programming and support programs: Weekly yoga and mindfulness meditation classes, The Student Support Network, Social Anxiety and ADHD support, and other topic groups as requested.

If you need to speak with staff regarding a mental health or a psychiatric disability, please contact Dr. Noelle Harris, Assistant Dean and Director of Counseling and Religious and Spiritual Life at nharris@bryant.edu or call 401-232-6045 for a consultation.

Health and Nutrition

Location:  Barrington House, Health Services office
Phone:     401- 232-6221
Website:  Health and Nutrition

Making the transition to college life requires many adjustments including choosing the best food options for optimal health. The Office of Health and Nutrition provides students with one-on-one consultations related to making good food choices and improving eating habits for better health, more energy, and an overall sense of wellbeing as they navigate the many challenges of college life. Students can schedule private counseling appointments with a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist by calling 401-232-6221 or emailing cbrock@bryant.edu.

Health Promotion

Location:  Barrington House, Health Services office
Phone:     401-232-6892
Website:   Health Promotion

The Office of Health Promotion supports students by providing information, education, and prevention initiatives that promote positive behavior change to help optimize health and wellness. We hope to create and sustain a learning environment where healthy lifestyle choices are an integral component to achieving your personal best.

Services and Programs:

  • BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students)
  • Health Education Workshops and Programming
  • AlcoholEdu for College
  • Sexual Assault Prevention
  • HEAL (Health Education Awareness Leaders)

Health Services

Location:  Barrington House
Phone:     401-232-6220
In the event of an emergency or when Health Services is closed,
EMTs are available through the Department of Public Safety at 401-232-6911.
Website:  Health Services
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Health Services is a nurse practitioner run clinic that adheres to federal and state law and endorses the guidelines of the American College Health Association, the Rhode Island Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Care is provided by full-time Certified Nurse Practitioners, a Health and Nutrition Educator, and a Health Promotion Coordinator. Clinical components of the Health Services program include the treatment of illnesses and injuries, sexual health care, women and men’s health care, laboratory services, immunizations, support services for students with physical disabilities and referrals as appropriate. All health care and medical records are considered confidential and family members are notified only in the event of a life-threatening accident or illness. Health Services does not provide written excuses for missed classes, exams, or work, due to illnesses, nor do they provide documentation of visits to Health Services.

These links will provide you with information about:

Ronald K. and Kati C. Machtley Interfaith Center and Campus Ministries

Phone:     401-232-6712
Website:  Interfaith Center and Campus Ministries
Contact:   Rabbi Steven Jablow, Director of Campus Ministries 401-232-6553 sjablow@bryant.edu

Bryant University is committed to the spiritual development, emotional growth, religious identity, and faith practice of all Bryant community members. The Ronald K. and Kati C. Machtley Interfaith Center provides a gathering place where all members of the Bryant community can explore their spirituality, practice their faith, and gather for friendship and fellowship.

The Interfaith Center and Campus Ministry sponsors diverse programs and speakers for both specific faith groups and for entire community.

Campus Ministry offers religious, educational, and holiday services for Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, and Protestant communities, as well as contemplative spiritual programs including yoga and meditation.

The chaplains are available to all members of the University community as sources of support, guidance, and spiritual development and integration. For their office hours or to schedule an appointment, go to Campus Ministries.

Last Modified: July 12, 2024