Academic Department Chairs

It is the purpose of the Academic Affairs Division to provide the appropriate teaching/learning environment for students and faculty through administration of the above listed areas. Students should address specific concerns about course content, grading procedures or problems with faculty first to the faculty member involved, and then to the department chair. Issues of this nature that cannot be resolved in this manner should be referred to the respective Dean’s Office.

Accounting (Suite B) – Saeed Roohani  401-232-6168
Applied Psychology (Suite F) – Joseph Trunzo  401-232-6570
Information Systems and Analytics (Suite K) – Suhong Li  401-232-6503
Communication (Suite H) – Chris Morse  401-232-6439
Economics (Suite A) – Jongsung Kim  401-232-6129
English/Humanities (Suite J) – Janet Dean  401-232-6428
Finance (Suite J) – Asli Ascioglu 401-232-6305
History/Social Sciences (Suite C) – John Dietrich  401-232-6432
Management (Suite J) – Eileen Kwesiga  401-232-6590
Marketing (Suite B) – Keith Murray  401-232-6337
Mathematics (Suite A) – Richard Gorvett  401-232-6059
Modern Languages (Suite G) – Yun Xiao  401-232-6908
Science & Technology (Suite B ) – Kristen Hokeness 401-232-6574


Academic Policies

The University Catalog is the official source of university academic policies and procedures. The Undergraduate catalog contains key information about accreditation, academic regulations and policies, program requirements and course descriptions, faculty information, graduation requirements and more. The catalog can be accessed at

For specific dates and information about registration, add/drop process, withdrawal process, transcript ordering, graduation information, final exams etc. visit the Office of the Registrar information directory at:

Amica Center for Career Education

Location:  Unistructure, 1st Floor next to Salmanson
Phone:     401-232-6090

The Amica Center for Career Education offers a full range of career development and planning services for all students, including:

  • Individual career coaching on all topics pertaining to choosing a major, finding an internship, applying to graduate school, or securing a full-time opportunity
  • Internship selection and registration support
  • Career planning courses to assist you with choosing a major and/or career path
  • Shadow Program, matching you with an alum for a day in the workplace
  • Alumni-student networking events in New York City, Boston, Hartford, Washington, DC, Providence, and more
  • Campus recruiting program including the Bryant Career Connection (BCC) – the student job board for both internships and full-time opportunities
  • Fall and Winter Career and Internship Fairs with more than 150 employers attending
  • Networking events designed to connect students with industry professionals
  • Specialized programs, company site visits, and alumni connections

We encourage students to visit the Amica Center as early as the first year to get started with:

  • Participate in the Career Planning Course
  • Utilizing career assessment tools
  • Writing a college résumé
  • Creating a LinkedIn profile
  • Finding an internship or job
  • Learning how to leverage campus life to benefit your career plans

Stop by our office, visit our website, call (401) 232-6090, or email to learn more about resources and services provided.

The opportunity to utilize the Amica Center for Career Education continues after graduation. Career coaching is available to alumni who are changing careers and are in need of assistance, up to five years post-graduation. The Job Source, a listing of full-time jobs requiring post-degree experience, is published weekly for interested alumni.

Alumni are also invited to attend the many workshops, programs, and events offered by the Amica Center for Career Education. The Amica Center offers most services virtually when needed, via Zoom, email and telephone.


Douglas and Judith Krupp Library

Location:  George E. Bello Center for Information and Technology
Phone:     401-232-6125

 Services include

  • Professional research assistance on site or: VOICE 401-232-6299; EMAIL; TEXT 401-595-7306; CHAT
  • Assistance on the use of all library resources including electronic resources and databases
  • 24/7 campus wide and off campus access to electronic resources and databases
  • Research Guides and helpful videos
  • Electronic Reserves
  • Interlibrary Loans and self-initiated book requests via the library catalog
  • Access to other RI academic and research libraries
  • Circulating books may be borrowed for 4 weeks; Electronic self-renewals available
  • Laptops, battery chargers, monitor cables, iPads, and more available for loan
  • Access to study rooms for group projects.
  • Scanning and printing available
  • 3D- Printing available

For more info on all of the above go to

Important things to note:

  • Unauthorized copying of copyrighted materials in all mediums is a violation of the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17 of the United States Code)
  • There is a $50.00 replacement and processing fee for borrowed items not returned; Bryant does not have fines for overdue items owned by Bryant but overdue items borrowed from other libraries may generate fines.
  • Theft or damage to library property is a violation of RI State Law and University campus standards. Violators are subject to independent disciplinary action.

The Centers for Student Success

Academic Advising

Location:  MRC wing
Phone:     401-232-6210

Undergraduate Academic Advising is a collaborative educational process between students and their advisors to meet essential learning outcomes, ensure student success, and outline the steps for achieving long-term academic, personal, and career goals. This advisor/ student partnership requires participation and involvement of both the advisor and the student as it is built over the student’s entire educational experience at the university. Students can find their assigned advisor on their Banner student profile.

Through participation in academic advising students will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to make effective decisions concerning their degree and career goals.
  • Develop an educational plan for successfully achieving their goals and select courses each term to progress toward fulfilling that educational plan.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the value of higher education.
  • Utilize the resources and services on campus to assist them in achieving their academic, personal, and career goals.
  • Be able to accurately read and effectively utilize a degree evaluation in their educational planning.
  • Create a path to graduate in a timely manner based on their educational plan.

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) & The Writing Center

Location:  Unistructure 275
Phone:     401-232-6746

Annually, members of the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) and Writing Center Staff hold over 21,000 appointments with Bryant students. The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) and the Writing Center are dedicated to helping all Bryant University students achieve their goal of academic success.

Academic Center for Excellence

Our goal at ACE is to help students become self-reliant, independent, confident learners so that they may successfully meet the demands of their chosen academic curricula. This is achieved through our internationally accredited peer tutoring program and study skills instruction by our professional staff. Group sessions as a mode of instruction are encouraged, since teamwork is typical in the workplace and graduate school. The staff engages in a partnership with students to help them achieve their goals. Professional staff members, peer tutors, and faculty work together to foster a supportive learning environment.

The Writing Center

Effective written communication is essential throughout an individual’s education and career. The Writing Center offers students assistance in both personalized and workshop settings. Peer Writing Consultants and professional staff help students with papers for any course. The Writing Center’s purpose is to help students develop as writers by helping them recognize their writing strengths and challenges. The staff teaches writing as a process, and is prepared to assist students at any stage.

Academic Services for Student Athletes

The Academic Center for Excellence, in partnership with the Department of Athletics, and Undergraduate Advising provides tailored assistance for the unique needs of student-athletes. Students in our Division I athletic programs have challenging schedules and often need additional help finding a balance between the Student Services demands of athletics and academics. ACE provides these students support with general study skills, time management and overall organization.

Student-Athlete study hall requirements can be fulfilled using any of ACE’s services; tutoring, writing center, learning specialist appointments and time spent in the student-athlete quiet study hall.

Academic Services for International Students and English Language Learners

The Academic Center for Excellence and the Writing Center offer specialized services for international students and English language learners to help them increase their academic confidence and improve their performance as Bryant students, preparing them for the global job market.

Services include assistance with adjusting to academic life at Bryant and in the United States; taking advantage of ACE and Writing Center academic support services; navigating the variety of support services available to international students on campus; developing study skills for college success; improving written and oral language skills; and setting goals for academic improvement.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Bryant University supports students who self-identify with disabilities and provide documentation of their disability from an appropriate source. Bryant University professional staff members serve as advocates for students with disabilities, and assist them in achieving equal access to all University programs and services. Our services are provided by three departments to ensure assistance from the most qualified professional. Therefore, if students have disabilities that may require support, it is incumbent upon the student to contact the designated office. If a student is unsure of whom to contact, or has been diagnosed with disorders/disabilities that must be addressed by two or more offices, please start with one professional on the list. Our staff persons will then work as a team to address accommodations and support

  • Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorders, and Autism Spectrum Disorders) Students seeking support and/or academic accommodations may contact Dr. Marie Saddlemire, Assistant Director of the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) and coordinator of Access Services. Prospective, accepted, or current students may schedule a meeting by calling ACE at 401-232-6746.
  • Physical Disabilities (short-term and chronic medical condition)Students seeking support and/or accommodations may contact John Denio, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs at 401-232-6046 or email: Individuals with permanent or temporary physical disabilities who wish to obtain handicapped parking passes should contact the Department of Public Safety 401-232-6001.
  • Mental Health, Behavioral Health or Psychiatric Disorders Students seeking support and/or accommodations may contact Dr. Noelle Harris, Assistant Dean and Director of Counseling and Religious and Spiritual Life, at 401-232-6045.

Veterans Affairs

Students receiving educational assistance through the Veterans Administration are assisted in their filing procedures by the Registrar’s Office (, which acts as liaison with the V.A. Students receiving such benefits must report regularly to the Registrar’s Office to complete the requirements for continuing to receive benefits.

Last Modified: August 17, 2021